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I have always loved helping others, working for many years in special education. Although this work was near to my heart, I had a strong beckoning to be involved in a more natural, whole body form of wellness, and preventative care. I practiced yoga for many years and which led me to the path I am on now. 

I started Awaken Massages and Skin Care to be client centered and results driven. There won't be any sales pitch or rushed treatments. We will take the time to assess what the best treatment is for you and make sure that you agree with the plan of action. There won't be any one size fits all massage or skin care treatments.

My massage therapy training took place at Soderworld Academy for the Healing Arts in Willowbrook, where I also received my 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training.

I received massage training with a focus on proper techniques, individual attention, and energetic principles, I have gravitated toward therapeutic massage and advanced techniques, but I also love to do energy work, as I believe releasing energetically can improve overall well being. My yoga training also gives me insight into how strength, breath, and stretching is important to keeping the body healthy, and I incorporate this, as well as pieces of the modalities I learned, into my bodywork.

I have also always had an interest in skin care and ingredients and how they pair with a good overall wellness routine. I began a course in esthetics at Naperville Skin Institute where I learned about skincare ingredients, proper hair removal techniques, and facial machines to help with a variety of skin types and conditions. I furthered my interest in natural and organic ingredients. I used these interests to choose organic products and techniques that I believe will have the best results for my clients. My specialties include anti-aging and acne treatments.


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Jorge Cabrera, LCMT, CCT, CCM, ACT, FR, Thai Bodyworker, graduated from the Soma Institute of Massage Therapy here in Chicago, one of the few schools nationwide that puts a heavy emphasis on human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and orthopedic tests.

He is motivated by a passion for health and wellness along with a desire to help those who struggle with chronic pain and stress.

He has helped heal a long list of ailments with his clients and has a remarkably high success rate in his treatments.

He excels at Clinical, Deep tissue, Sports, Pre/Post Natal, Myofacial release, Cupping, Trigger point, Thai Bodywork and Percussion gun.

He is available at Bond St. Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday at 5th Ave.

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