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Massage, Cupping & More

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The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist: Massages included in this bracket are the tried and true: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Prenatal. Please note: Sports and Prenatal are priced differently as they are only offered in 75 min sessions. We offer couples' massages. Please contact us to set one up.

In addition, our therapists are all trained in different techniques, please be sure you are booking the therapist who performs the type of massage you're looking for. 

60 min $95   90 min $135 120 min $175 

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Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Primarily used to deal with your trouble spots or chronic pain issues this massage uses deeper pressure as well as movement to help reduce pain. Office workers, teachers, nurses, laborers, really just about EVERYONE can use a deep tissue massage, Nervous about a painful massage? Don't be! Check out this article for a great in-depth description of deep tissue work that captures our style and philosophy really well. 

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Swedish Massage

This massage incorporates stretching as well as a variety of massage techniques to help you reach a state of deep relaxation. This massage can help reduce insomnia, anxiety, symptoms of depression, and muscles aches while increasing well being. Here is a description of the techniques used and their benefits.

Prenatal Massage

A relaxing massage that takes into account the special challenges a pregnant woman faces. Targeting the low back, sciatic, legs, and any other areas that need special attention. There is even an optional abdominal massage for the baby! Lili, Rachel, and Shannon are certified in prenatal massage and can perform it after the first trimester. If you would like a massage prior to that time or have any questions please contact me to discuss. This article talks about the many benefits of prenatal massage.

Sports Massage

For the athlete or anybody who works out hard this massage combines stretching, quick compressions, and deep tissue work to help ease sore muscles, speed recovery, and prevent injury. Use this when you’re training, during recovery, or to work on muscles you use frequently playing a particular sport.  Awaken's sports massage is performed clothed with stretching, trigger point, and compression to improve function and range of motion.


The Adventurer

 These massages have a twist. If you’re someone who likes the new and different and wants to try all types of massage to find your favorite. They include Cupping, Combo, Gua Sha, Hot Stones, Bamboo, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral, and Breast Health. Please include your choice by checking the appropriate box when booking your appointment. Please note: We offer couples' massages. Please contact us to set one up.

60 min $105   90 min $145 120 min $185 

Cupping Therapy

This treatment uses various types of cups for many different issues. Used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and in cultures all over the world, to help with illness, injury, circulation, and lymph flow, this treatment is really amazing. Though some cupping, especially on the back, leaves marks the more treatments you receive and the less injury in the muscles, the less the marking will be.

I am trained in contemporary cupping methods including static and dynamic, using silicone and plastic cups.

It is deeper work, but feels less painful than a traditional deep tissue massage. You can even cup the face (this will not leave marks) for sinuses, TMJD, Bell's Palsy, and to help improve fine lines. 

Some of the other problems cupping is used to treat are: muscle injuries, back pain, anxiety,  allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions.

Who cannot receive cupping? People with blood clotting problems and a few other conditions, but almost everyone, including children, can receive and benefit from this treatment.

Gua Sha
A tool is used to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension. This action can cause marks(similar to cup marks). The name gua sha — pronounced gwahshah — comes from the Chinese word for scraping.

Visceral Manipulation Massage

This is a gentle technique to relax and increase blood flow to internal organs and scar tissue. Some issues this type of treatment can help with are: IBS, reflux, bloating, constipation, painful menstrual cramps, endometriosis, cysts, and menopausal symptoms.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is used to stimulate the lymph system to decongest stagnation and increase blood flow. It can be used as a preventative measure for immune function, stress relief, as well as edema. This can also be used to improve breast health for nursing mothers or those experiencing congestion or painful breast tissue. This is a very gentle treatment and is unlike traditional massage. 

Relaxing Massage

Hot Stone Massage

With the movement of hot basalt stones around the body and warm oil, this massage penetrates deep into the muscle. If you need deeper work, but don’t like the sound of deep tissue, give this a try. Earth energy and chakra work make it especially rejuvenating.  This great article explains what a hot stone massage entails. Cold Stones can be added for a different, wonderful experience. Please put the note "fire and ice" into your apointment notes.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

This massage uses warm bamboo to create myofascial and trigger point release. This massage is very relaxing, but also allows for deep and targeted work. It's similar to hot stone but bamboo is a better choice if you're someone who needs deeper work. 

Bamboo Stick Massage




Alternative Treatments

 These treatments are here when less is more.

Head Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

CST is a very gentle therapy used to relieve compression in the head, neck, and back. It can relieve emotional and physical stress and tension. It can also relieve restrictions in the head, neck, and nerves. It can be used to help with migraines, IBS, insomnia and sleep disturbances, scoliosis, neck pain, fibromyalgia, TMJD, whiplash, anxiety, and sinus issues.



Reiki Session


Reiki is a Japanese technique used to promote healing of any kind by raising the body’s energy. It can be done to work on a particular issue or illness, or just a general energy clearing or stress reducer. This treatment will truly help to rid you of that which you do not need and help you gain clarity and balance. This is a great description of a typical treatment. 

30 min $30



Using acupressure on the foot which corresponds with the meridians of the body you will receive work on all of the major systems and organs of the body. This is the same principle that acupuncture uses to promote healing in the body. You can request a targeted session or an overall full system overhaul. Great for detox and to help with specific systems that might have discomfort. This website has several tabs that get more in-depth about Reflexology.

30 min $40

Mini Treatment


Do you just need a tune-up or assessment? Make a 30 minute appointment for a spot treatment and stretches, and  get some relief.​

30 min $50

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