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Massage and Yoga

Whether you work at a computer, are an athlete, or are just looking to relax and reconnect; Awaken has a treatment for every body. I specialize in cupping therapy, deeper therapeutic work, and myofascial techniques.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Primarily used to deal with your trouble spots or chronic pain issues this massage uses deeper pressure as well as movement to help reduce pain. Office workers, teachers, nurses, laborers, really just about EVERYONE can use a deep tissue massage, Nervous about a painful massage? Don't be! Check out this article for a great in-depth description of deep tissue work that captures my style and philosophy really well.

60 min. $80      90 min. $120      120 min. $155

Swedish Massage

This massage incorporates stretching as well as a variety of massage techniques to help you reach a state of deep relaxation. This massage can help reduce insomnia, anxiety, symptoms of depression, and muscles aches while increasing well being. Here is a description of the techniques used and their benefits.


60 min. $70      90 min. $100      120 min. $130

Combo Massage

This is the best of both Swedish and Deep Tissue.  We can use heat and stretching if needed. It allows for deep work where you need it and less depth when you don’t. Aromatherapy and energy work can also be incorporated. If your back and neck need a lot of attention, but your legs don't feel so bad try a combo.


75 min. $100      90 min $120   120 min. $155

Mini massage and facial

30 minute massage and 30 minute express facial. Need a little spot treatment on your neck and shoulders or legs and glutes, and want a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and mask too? Get this best of both!


60 min $80

Prenatal Massage

A relaxing massage that takes into account the special challenges a pregnant woman faces. Targeting the low back, sciatic, legs, and any other areas that need special attention. There is even an optional abdominal massage for the baby! Prenatal massage can performed after the first trimester. If you would like a massage prior to that time or have any questions please contact me to discuss. This article talks about the many benefits of prenatal massage.


75 min. $85      90 min. $105

Sports Massage

For the athlete or anybody who works out hard this massage combines stretching, quick compressions, and deep tissue work to help ease sore muscles, speed recovery, and prevent injury. Use this when you’re training, during recovery, or to work on muscles you use frequently playing a particular sport. Here's a good article that gives some more information on sports massage and why it might be different than you think.


60 min. $85      90 min. $125

Massage and Alternative Treatments

These treatments are different from the everyday massage but have wonderful benefit for the body, mind, and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage

With the movement of hot basalt stones around the body and warm oil this massage penetrates deep into the muscle. If you need deeper work, but don’t like the sound of deep tissue, give this one a try. Earth energy and chakra work make it especially rejuvenating. This is a great article that explains what a hot stone massage entails. I was trained with the LaStone Method.


75 min. $105      90 min. $125

All The Things Massage

Heat from bamboo and deep myofascial release combined with dynamic cupping make this massage perfect for anyone who wants their tight muscles relieved while experiencing extreme relaxation.


 90 min. $135   120 $170

 Esalen Style Massage

A spiritual, energetic, and nurturing relaxation massage combining long flowing strokes tuned into the clients breath and energy. Experience less stress and more harmony. Incorporates warm oil and aromatherapy as well. This massage does include draping which may differ from the traditional style. This article gives an explanation about Esalen massage.   

60 min. $75     

 Thai Massage

Thai massage: An ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy line called sen, and assisted yoga postures. No oil or lotion is used and the recipient remains clothed.

60 min $95   90 min $140 120 min $180

Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to promote healing of any kind by raising the body’s energy. It can be done to work on a particular issue or illness, or just a general energy clearing or stress reducer. This treatment will truly help to rid you of that which you do not need and help you gain clarity and balance. This is a great description of a typical treatment. 


30 min. $30    


Using acupressure on the foot which corresponds with the meridians of the body you will receive work on all of the major systems and organs of the body. This is the same principle that acupuncture uses to promote healing in the body. You can request a targeted session or an overall full system overhaul. Great for detox and to help with specific systems that might have discomfort. This website has several tabs that get more in-depth about Reflexology.

30 min. $40

Mini Treatment

Do you just need a tune-up and assessment? Make a 30 minute appointment for a spot treatment and stretches, and  get some relief.

30 minutes $45


Enhance your treatment with one or more of these treatments:

-Sinus massage

-Silk Glove Exfoliation

-Sugar Foot Scrub

-Mini Hot Stone Treatment

-Ecofin Hand or Foot Treatment

-Warm Bamboo

Yoga Classes

This class will be for beginners and beyond and will have individual attention. It focuses on breath as well as proper postures.

Yoga is offered at Thursdays at 1:30. Only three people will fit in this class so registration is required. This class only runs if you are registered, and no drop-ins are allowed.

Private yoga sessions can also be booked during office hours for $45 per session with a customized plan for your concerns or to learn the basics by calling, emailing, or texting.


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