• Shannon Basco

How to Choose a Massage Therapist?

With all of the places to receive massage how can you choose a therapist that fits your needs and wants? If you're making the leap to attend to your wellness, and spending your time and money, you want to make a good, informed choice. Knowledge is power! So here are some things you might want to know, what to consider, or what to ask before scheduling with a therapist.

1. Ask someone. Your friends, family, doctor, chiropractor or yoga instructor might have great recommendations. Talk to someone you trust who does things to better their health and wellness like exercise. Sites like Google, Yelp, AMBP, and AMTA have tons of practitioners who you can search once you have a name to see how you like their website and find more information.

2. Why are you going? Do you have chronic or acute pain? Are you looking to reduce your stress level? Are you training in a sport? Do you want an increase in your health overall? These are things you'll want to communicate to your therapist and look for someone who offers therapy geared toward your goals.

3. Some questions you might want to ask your therapist would be:

-Are you are licensed.

-What is their personal philosophy towards bodywork and wellness.

-Talk to them about your reasons for seeking massage and ask what they recommend.

-If you already know what kind of treatment you want ask if they are certified in the type of massage you want to receive. If they are not they might have a recommendation for you.

-Ask about their fees for each session, do they offer packages, how long each session is, if that time includes assessment or if you will be on the table the full time, if you need to arrive early to fill out paperwork, or any other policies you should be aware of.

-If you are seeing a clinical or sports therapist they may want you to wear gym clothes during your massage. Some massages, like Thai, are also performed clothed. The therapist should tell you what to wear, but you may want to ask, just in case. You may also want to bring clothes to change into so you don't get oil or lotion on your regular clothes if you're coming from work.

-During your treatment you should see and feel progress after a few sessions. They should always listen to you about pressure and what you want to focus on. They should never make you feel uncomfortable in ANY way. Your therapist should answer questions you have, refer you out if they can't help you, and work inside their own knowledge base.

With the right questions you should have a great find and have a therapist that can help you for many years you come. Pass them on to your friends and family! It's our best form of marketing.

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