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Say Hello to Beautiful Lashes

So you’re considering lash extensions, but not sure if they are right for you? Let’s take you through a little lash 101 to give you all the details you need to know and even a few tips to keeping those lashes looking gorgeous longer.

Lash extensions give you fuller, longer, and natural-looking lashes that can give a boost to your confidence with the eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of and they make your life a whole lot easier too. With lash extensions you can now save yourself time with your daily morning routine since you will no longer need to curl your lashes or wear mascara. Yep you read that right…no more mascara. It’s these little things in life we look forward to and who couldn’t use a little more time in the morning?

While saving yourself some time and energy in the morning is an awesome perk, you may have some concerns that lash extensions can cause damage to your natural lashes, but that’s just not true. Damage only results from improper application or selecting the wrong lash type for your existing natural lashes. We can’t stress enough how important it is to visit a trained professional when you want lash extensions.

Speaking of wrong lash type…what does that mean? It means that eyelashes are made from several materials, including silk, synthetic, human, or horsehair. We prefer synthetic lashes as they are the strongest and often appear more glossy than other lash materials. This is also the best material if you are looking for a more dramatic look, as they stand out a bit more when the lashes are applied densely.

Lash application is an intricate process, so expect it to take about one and a half to two hours for your first visit to get that exact look you are going for. This initial visit takes time, but we promise your follow up visits are much shorter. These follow up visits are a must for keeping your lashes looking beautiful week after week, so don’t forget to schedule your refill appointment every 2 to 3 weeks.

In between these appointments, there are a few simple home care practices to extend the life of your lash extensions. Be sure to clean your lashes well each day as eyelashes are designed to catch debris and your lash extensions can gather a buildup if not cleaned well. You want to avoid using oil-based products on your eyelashes as these can break down the glue and cause lashes to fall out quicker.

While you want to do what you can to maintain the life of your lashes, don’t think you can’t do your normal activities. We recommend taking some extra precautions for about 48 hours after each application, but after that you can go about your everyday life.

You can still do everything you did before (maybe just limit the tear jerker movies to once a week 😉), and the lashes not only look natural, but they are weightless, so you won’t have to worry about them feeling heavy or weighing your eyes down.

What’s not to love about lash extensions? It’s a great way to enhance your natural beauty and accentuate your eyes, while allowing you to ditch the daily routine of curling and using mascara. You won’t even notice that the lashes are there, and you never have to worry about smudging your mascara again.

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