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Clinical Massage

Clinical massage is a specialized form of therapeutic massage that is focused on addressing specific musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain issues. It is typically performed by trained and licensed massage therapists who have advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and various massage techniques. Clinical massage incorporates a variety of manual manipulation techniques, stretching exercises, and targeted pressure to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, improve mobility, and promote overall physical well-being. This type of massage is often used in conjunction with other medical treatments as part of a comprehensive healthcare plan. It is tailored to the individual's unique needs and is guided by a thorough assessment of their specific conditions and symptoms.

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Prenatal/ Postnatal Massage

A relaxing massage that takes into account the special challenges a pregnant woman faces. Targeting the low back, sciatica, legs, and any other areas that need special attention. Lili and Rachel are certified in prenatal massage and can perform it after the first trimester. If you would like a massage prior to that time or have any questions please contact me to discuss. This article talks about the many benefits of prenatal massage.


Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy, also known as percussion massage or percussion massager, is a form of massage therapy that utilizes rapid, concentrated pulses of pressure to target specific areas of the body. This is typically achieved through a handheld device equipped with a specialized attachment designed to deliver these percussive motions. The rapid tapping or pounding motions work to stimulate blood flow, release tension in muscles, and promote relaxation. Percussion therapy is often used by athletes and individuals seeking relief from muscle soreness, tension, or pain. It is considered an effective complement to traditional massage techniques and can help enhance recovery, improve mobility, and alleviate discomfort associated with various musculoskeletal conditions. As with any form of therapy, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting percussion therapy, especially for individuals with existing medical conditions or injuries.

Cupping Treatment

Cupping Therapy

The type of cupping performed at Awaken is different than what you may have received before. It included myofascial gliding cupping as well as static cupping over trigger points and taut fibers,

Who cannot receive cupping? People with blood clotting problems, renal disorders, those having cancer treatment, and a few other conditions, but almost everyone, can receive and benefit from this treatment.


Hot Stone Massage

Synergy Stone Massage

Synergy Stones are ceramic and warmed much like a hot stone massage. The difference is that these are shaped for deeper work rather than traditional flat stones. It's a great massage for those who want deep work with the benefits warmth has for softening muscle


Thai Massage

Thai massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, is a traditional healing practice that originated in Thailand over 2,500 years ago. It combines elements of yoga, acupressure, and passive stretching techniques to promote physical and mental well-being. During a Thai massage, the recipient remains fully clothed and lies on a comfortable mat on the floor. The practitioner uses their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply rhythmic pressure along energy lines and specific points on the body. They also guide the recipient through a series of yoga-like stretches and movements. Thai massage aims to balance the body's energy flow, release tension, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation. It is believed to have numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved circulation, enhanced mobility, and relief from muscular discomfort. Additionally, Thai massage is known for its ability to create a profound sense of relaxation and mental clarity. Overall, Thai massage offers a unique and holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the body's energy pathways and promoting a state of harmony between the physical and energetic aspects of the individual.

Neck Massage

Ashiatsu and Ashi Thai 

Same modalities just add Ashiatsu - In the Japenese language “Ashi” translates to foot and “Atsu” into pressure. Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, is a barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight. Working with gravity instead of against it, Ashiatsu therapists are able to provide an effective therapeutic massage without causing pain or discomfort to themselves or the receiving client. Cream or oil is applied to the clients body making this deep therapeutic massage fluid and relaxing. Parallel bars are used above the massage table for balance, support and client safety. Benefits of Ashiatsu - •Deep Tissue Without Discomfort •Frees Up Bundled Nerves •Elongates Muscles and Detoxifies •Improves Posture and Decreases Pain Ashi-Thai - is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified utilizing the overhead bar system and therapists’ body so no heavy lifting or bending occurs at the waist. This flowing and rhythmic approach to Thai massage was developed for Ashiatsu therapists seeking to expand their barefoot knowledge and add more strokes to their Ashi tool bag. Ashi-Thai can easily be incorporated into a regular Ashiatsu session or can also be considered as a stand-alone treatment. The Ashi-Thai workshop has been divided into two different modules, the posterior module & the anterior module. The combination of techniques has been arranged following traditional Thai energy lines and stretches for elongating and relieving tightness in commonly used muscle groups. Clients usually feel more range of motion, less tension and an overall sense of balance and well-being. At the end of this course you will have a unique new skill set that your clients will be extremely impressed with. *These treatments are not suitable for everyone: Due to the compressive nature of these techniques, therapists must take extra precaution with certain client conditions. This a just a hand full of conditions that would be contraindicated for receiving a these treatments. However, a certified Deepfeet Therapist will have full knowledge of all contraindications for these treatments and how to best address their client needs. • Pregnancy or trying to conceive • High blood pressure • Recent injuries or surgeries • Contagious skin disorders • Compromised immune system • Acute liver or kidney disorders • Certain medications • Acute auto immune disorders • Recent surgical implants • Advanced Diabetes

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