Specials & Discounts

Only one special coupon, deal, or pricing discount can be used per appointment. This includes using an additional discount when using a package or membership.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of wellness to someone you love! Awaken Massages and Skin Care has gift certificates for every denomination. If you don't see the amount you'd like just call, and I can make one especially for you. The ones you buy here can be e-mailed. If you'd prefer a physical card I have those as well.

Pink Card
Refer Someone

In addition to our sincere gratitude for telling someone you know about us, you will receive $10 off your next treatment if you refer someone who books at Awaken. Please put it in your notes!


Branding Materials
4 Pack Deals or Membership

Buy your Massages in packs of four and save. You can use all of them yourself or share them with whomever you choose. After your four massages are gone get a fifth massage at 25% off as a thank you for your loyalty. Custom packages are available.

If you prefer to get the same pricing but pay monthly and receive discounts on add-ons, retail, and other services, become a member! You can have someone join you on your membership. Your massages can roll over to the next month (you can keep up to 3 months worth in your bank), and your purchased value can be applied to any service at Awaken meaning if you want to switch it up and you have a $55 dollar credit you can apply that to a facial. Sound rad? YEAH!!

Pressure Point Massage

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