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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue

Primarily used to deal with your trouble spots or chronic pain issues this massage uses deeper pressure as well as movement to help reduce pain. Office workers, teachers, nurses, laborers, really just about EVERYONE can use a deep tissue massage, Nervous about a painful massage? Don't be! Check out this article for a great in-depth description of deep tissue work that captures our style and philosophy really well. 

Relaxing Massage

Swedish Massage

This massage incorporates stretching as well as a variety of massage techniques to help you reach a state of deep relaxation. This massage can help reduce insomnia, anxiety, symptoms of depression, and muscle aches while increasing well-being. Here is a description of the techniques used and their benefits.


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a hands-on therapy that helps release tightness and tension in your muscles and the surrounding connective tissue called fascia. Think of it like a gentle, therapeutic massage that focuses on relaxing and stretching the tissues to relieve pain, improve flexibility, and help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your body. It's like giving your muscles a soothing stretch to ease discomfort and improve your overall well-being.

Visceral Massage

Visceral Manipulation Massage with aromatherapy

This is a gentle technique to relax and increase blood flow to internal organs and scar tissue. Some issues this type of treatment can help with are: IBS, reflux, bloating, constipation, painful menstrual cramps, endometriosis, cysts, and menopausal symptoms.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Effleurage for Edema

Light massage is used to stimulate the lymph system to decongest stagnation and increase blood flow.This is a very gentle treatment and is unlike traditional massage. It is best for those experiening edema.

Hot Stone Massage

Synergy Stone Massage

Synergy Stones are ceramic and warmed much like a hot stone massage. The difference is that these are shaped for deeper work rather than traditional flat stones. It's a great massage for those who want deep work with the benefits warmth has for softening muscle


Sinus Massage
A sinus massage is a gentle and soothing technique where gentle pressure and strokes around your face and sinus areas are used. It's great to relieve congestion, reduce headaches, and make it easier to breathe when you have sinus problems. This includes aromatherapy and a hot towel.

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