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Shannon's focus is pain relief. If you have pain, neuromuscular cupping aims to greatly reduce or eliminate it. Using deep tissue techniques as well as neuromuscular principles your massage will be customized to your pain pattern and is highly specialized. This will be different than how you've experienced massage in the past. The goal here is to find the pattern creating your pain and undo it.


To undo your pain pattern: 

60 minutes is best for one focus area

90 minutes is best for two focus areas

120 minutes is best for multiple focus areas

New clients have an extra 15 minutes added to their appointment for a primary assessment.

This will be followed by bodywork to create initial relief in the area you're experiencing pain.

Afterward, we will create goals and then plan for a long-term solution. 

Each massage is customized for your needs and includes hot or cold therapy and CBD or other topical creams to help release muscles

Cupping Therapy

Neuromuscular cupping

This is not like cupping you've received before and is used for chronic pain. This can include sciatica, upper back pain, shoulder issues, lower back pain, hip issues, migraines, neck pain, or any other chronic issue you're experiencing. Activations and stretches will be performed while being cupped to help release pain patterns. This type of work is clinical in nature and is used for chronic pain such as upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other issues that never seem to go away. While the session will contain some manual massage and will be relaxing to the nervous system the goal is to reduce or eliminate pain It is amazing when paired with synergy stones and a stretch session. Cupping is contraindicated for those with clotting disorders or organ failure. Read more about it here.

Hot Stone Massage

Synergy Stone Massage

Synergy Stones are ceramic and warmed much like a hot stone massage. The difference is that these are shaped for deeper work rather than traditional flat stones. It's a great massage for those who want deep work with the benefits warmth has for softening muscle This is offered as an add-on to Neuromuscular cupping.

Woman Stretching

Stretch Session

This is a great add-on to neuromuscular cupping and will include assisted stretching as well as some self-stretching techniques for home care.

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