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Shannon Basco

I have always loved helping others, working for many years in special education. Although this work was near to my heart, I had a strong beckoning to be involved in a more natural, whole-body form of wellness, and preventative care. I practiced yoga for many years which led me to the path I am on now. 


I started Awaken Massages and Skin Care to be client-centered and results-driven. We will take the time to assess what the best treatment is for you and make sure that you agree with the plan of action. There won't be any one size fits all massage or skin care treatments.


I have gravitated toward massage for pain relief and advanced techniques. Cupping has been my favorite modality since I first learned it six years ago.


My yoga training also gives me insight into how strength, breath, and stretching are important to keep the body healthy, and I incorporate this into my bodywork.

I have also always had an interest in skincare and ingredients and how they pair with a good overall wellness routine. My specialties include aging skin care and acne treatments.


Rachel has been a Massage Therapist for 23 years. She graduated from The Wellness And Massage Training Institute.  Massage is her passion, and she truly loves it. 

She has studied different techniques like deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point, and cupping work. She went on to study other techniques that offer relief for other areas of the body such as craniosacral therapy, reiki, visceral manipulation, manual lymphatic drainage, nerve manipulation, and breast health work.

All of this put together can give a client what they need at different sessions for different problems going on with their body, mind and spirit!


Belinda has been a massage therapist for 6 years. She has a strong background in body knowledge having earned her bachelor's degree in kinesiology from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in 2015 and continuing her education to receive her massage certification from Moraine Valley Community College in 2018 and lastly an associate of applied science in occupational therapy in 2019. Together, Belinda utilizes all of her knowledge to provide a unique perspective to her massage techniques. Belinda provides deep tissue, swedish, cupping, hot stone and trigger point therapy to assist the body in performing optimally. Belinda is passionate about helping people to feel their best through the use of massage.


Jorge went to the clinical massage school, Soma, and has been a therapist for eight years. His favorite modalities include cupping, Ashiatsu, and Thai. He loves clinical work and strives to help you feel your best. 


Kendra attended the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and obtained her license to practice massage therapy in 1996. After 8 years when she decided to attend school to obtain a nursing license. She obtained her r.n. and ocn. and worked on an oncology med/surg unit for almost 2 years. When her son turned 3, he was diagnosed with Autism, and she decided to leave nursing and be a full-time Mom. She and her husband moved from New Mexico to Illinois where her husband grew up. My son continues to receive amazing services and attends a school solely for people on the autism spectrum. She wanted to join the workforce again and obtained her Illinois massage license in 2016. Since then, she works with a variety of clients and practices a variety of modalities which include Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, visceral manipulation and aromatherapy. Her motto has always been “If you never want to work one day in your life, do what you love”.

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