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Why not DIY

It’s not uncommon to find a lot of information on how to do DIY “at home” facials and the products are often readily available for purchase online. From magazine articles boasting about how easy it is to complete these facials to online bloggers informing you that this will save you money and time, it’s easy to feel this is a great alternative to your professional spa facial.

While you may be seriously considering doing a DIY facial, we promise the benefits are not as great as they sound. While it’s true that DIY facials might be cheaper and allow you to save the time going into a spa, there’s a reason for that and they are not always as easy you’d think. Below we’ve listed some IMPORTANT reasons to not go the DIY route and choose to schedule that appointment with a professional instead. Check it out.

  1. Safety- Your salon professionals have gone through extensive training to not only learn about the products and techniques they use, but also to figure out what your specific skin care needs are. While you may have an idea that your skin may be dry, oily, or combination, there is a lot more that goes into figuring out which product combination is best for your unique skin needs. Other than skin types there are also skin conditions that may be exacerbated if you are using the wrong, or unsafe, products.

  2. Product Quality – Not all products are created equal, and you can’t always be certain that the at home products are being tested and regulated. In additon, they often are mostly fillers while the active ingredients are a tiny percentage. Professionals have access to professional grade products, with high percentages of active, effective ingredients. They are rigorously tested and well established as safe products to use for your skin. The professional products are safer and far more effective than what you can purchase to do your ‘at home’ facial treatment.

  3. Comfort – Part of the spa experience for many people is the time away from everyday life and being able to have someone pamper you. Spending some time at the salon relaxing and being able to take your mind off of your daily life always adds extra benefit to your skin care routine.

Please leave your facial needs to the professionals. We are highly trained and can offer you the best products on the market for your skin care needs. We have seen too many DIY accidents from professional grade products that are not used correctly, and we’d hate to have anything happen to your beautiful skin.

While we Don’t recommend giving yourself a facial at home, we do recommend maintaining a great skin care routine between treatments to enhance your results

. Our professional staff will always go over their skin care recommendations at the end of your appointment, but we also carry a variety of high quality products on our site for your convenience. We love Ilike organic skin care line and we’re always more than happy to help you figure out what works best for your skin.

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